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Ultimate ION

From £1535

Lifetime Warranty*

Protect Your Investment

Ceramic Pro® Ultimate ION is the Ultimate Evolution in Paint Protection Technology

Ceramic Pro was the first to use a stackable, 9H Ceramic Technology. This meant more protection and the protection lasted longer. Now they have done it again! Ceramic Pro has utilized the newest technology to change the game. It is only available at Elite Dealers nationwide. Download the Ceramic Pro® ION brochure Ceramic Pro Ultimate ION is a two-component ceramic coating system that utilizes revolutionary ION Exchange Technology to fuse multiple coating layers into a single, durable, and robust protected surface. Instead of three layers of ceramic sitting on top of the paint, you basically have your paint plus three layers of ceramic fusing together.

This creates true LIFETIME CERAMIC coating that is backed by the #1 name in ceramic coatings and an army of dealers nationwide. The future of Ceramic Coating is exclusively available at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.

  • Exterior Detail

  • Basic Paint Correction

  • 2 Layers of “ION” Base Coat Ceramic Paint Protection on Paint & Plastic

  • 1 Layer of “ION” Top Coat on Paint & Plastic

  • 1 Layer of “Rain” Glass Protection on Windshield and Front Windows

  • 1 Layer “Wheel & Caliper or ION” on Rim Faces

  • 10x Harder Per Coat than the Leading Competitor

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