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We Come To You!


We’re based in Eastbourne

The mobile service is self-sufficient with its own water and power supply covering Eastbourne and surrounding areas, providing a convenient, hassle free and thorough service at your home or work.


If there’s a bad weather forecast for your particular day (provided that there isn’t excessive wind) We’ll bring a 3 meter by 4.5 meter gazebo to offer shelter from the elements, to ensure that your vehicle is professionally valeted.

BMW mobile valeting solutions for East Sussex by Detailed Ltd

We don't just clean your car...
We care for it!

Full Valeting Services Available

Cleaning and maintaining your daily drive is a must. It benefits you both personally and professionally. There’s nothing like getting into a nice clean car.

  • Steam & Shampoo Stain Extraction

  • Clay Bar Treatments

  • Premium Quality Wax & Sealants

  • Full Wheels off Alloy Wheel Treatment

  • Headlamp Restoration


We have something for every aspect of your cherished vehicle to prep, polish, perfect and protect it.

Full Valeting Services at Detailed Ltd


Steam Cleaning Also Available

Thoroughly clean and revive the interior of your vehicle. Carpets and seats are extensively brushed & vacuumed, interior is air pressure and brush cleaned, trim is then cleansed and disinfected, glass polished inside and out, carpets and seats can be upgraded to receive hot water shampoo extraction to remove ground in dirt, stains and odours.

Interior Upgrades:

Carpets & Upholstery Shampoo.

From £60.00
Headlining shampooed.
From £30.00
Leather Treatment & Protect.
From £40.00


More Than Just A Car Wash

Thoroughly revive the exterior of your vehicle. We deep clean including door, bonnet and boot shuts. Paintwork, glass, bumpers and trim are treated with high quality hand picked products to suit your vehicle, the bodywork is hand polished using a premium quality polish and protected with our premium wax to provide extreme deep gloss, long-term water repellency (lotus effect), and long-lasting protection.

But we don't stop their... A vital step to keeping your car looking fantastic & clean for longer - We include removal of embedded contaminants like Tar & Glue, Iron Fallout & Road Traffic Film.


This is our 3 hour intensive clean


The Full Valet benefit from both our Interior & Exterior Valets with up to 20% savings!

Ideal as an End of Lease Return Valet or Preparation For Sale to ensure you get the best money for your vehicle.

Cleaning and maintaining your daily drive is a must. It benefits you both personally and professionally. There’s nothing like getting into a nice clean car. The smell of the leather, the optical clarity of the glass and that glow emanating from the gleaming, glossy paintwork. Life with a clean car feels more organised, more fulfilled. And once Detailed have worked our magic, maintaining it will be made easy!


Bespoke Valeting Services

If required, We have an extensive range of upgrades to choose from: 

  • Iron Fallout Removal (Included)

  • Tar & Glue Removal (Included)

  • Clay Bar Treatment (£60 per hour)

  • Steam Headlining Clean (£30)

  • Soft top cleanse and protect (From £50)

  • Carpets & Upholstery Shampoo (From £60.00)

  • Leather Treatments (From £40)

  • Leather Ceramic Protection (From £92)

  • Fabric Ceramic Protection (From £92)

  • Rotary and dual action machine polishing (Upgrade your Exterior or Full Valet from only £65)

 See also our Enhancement Detail or Paint Correction Detail

Car Lot

Pricing Structure

Mobile Valeting Services

XL - SUV - 4x4 - Pickup

Hilux Pickup
Ford Ranger
Porsche Panamera
Audi Q7
Range Rover

Over 5 meters

Prices From:

Interior Valet £120

Exterior Valet  £125

Full Valet £204

XL Vehicle Valeting Prices


Small Vehicle Valeting Prices
Medium Vehicle Valeting Prices

Any standard size car


Smart ForTwo 


BMW 1 Series

4.1 m to 4.5 meters long

Prices From:

Interior Valet £105

Exterior Valet  £110

Full Valet £175


BMW 6 Series

Ford Mondeo

Toyota Camry

Jaguar F-Pace


4.6 m to 5 meters long

Prices From:

Interior Valet £114

Exterior Valet  £115

Full Valet £187

Large Vehicle Valeting Prices

Commercial Vehicle

Mercedes Sprinter LWB




Agricultural Machinery

Long, Wide, Tall or All

Interior Valet £POA

Exterior Valet  £POA

Full Valet £POA

Commercial Vehicle Valeting Prices


Prices assume no heavy soiling. Subject to inspection and additional premiums may be applied in the case of heavy soiling, scratches etc

Some Prestige or Supercars may require our higher level of insurance and may require a lot more time on specialist paintwork, delicate fabric or leathers.

Prestige Vehicle Valeting Prices
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