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For the dealership, a ceramic coating is an up-sell. If the salesman can get you to buy some kind of coating, he gets the commission, but there is a likelihood the guy that is supposed to apply it gets nothing.


The salesman might even give you a ceramic coating for free as a sweetener, as he is getting a bigger commission on the sale of the car. Either way, the salesman has a big incentive to sell it to you, but the detailer/valeter/cleaner may have no incentive to apply it properly.

So.. can you trust a dealership to apply a ceramic coating?

It depends on the dealership. Some will have an in-house detailer with the good equipment and facilities, who takes pride in his work.

Some call in a professional detailing company. Others will subcontract to an agency who hire people on minimum wage and zero-hours contracts -- tomorrow they might be packing fruit in a warehouse. Some dealerships may use a combination of both.

Car Wash

Non Professional Ceramic Products

Over the years, we have seen many problems with cars that had acrylic, polymer or ceramic coatings applied at a dealership.

Sometimes coatings were not applied at all. Sometimes it was only applied to the upper surfaces of the car, and sometimes it was applied over the top of wax or glue from the factory, and so wasn't bonded to the paintwork.

The vast majority of cars that come to us for coating, direct from the showroom, have scratches and wash marks that require machine polishing before a coating can be applied.

But lets also not forget, not all ceramic products are the same.

A non professional ceramic product (available retail or without certification) will usually last a matter of months, has no scratch resistance and requires reapplication each wash which is why the dealership usually provide you with an aftercare pack including the top-up products.

Poor Preparation

The larger part of the cost of ceramic coating a car is in the man hours that go into preparation of the paintwork before application -- a great way to cut costs and increase profits, is to just not bother to do the prep. 

It takes a minimum of 2-3 days to install your ceramic protection correctly.

Some dealerships have been known to apply ceramic coatings to several cars each week or less than 8 hours each car.


To properly install a permanent ceramic coating you must have the correct facilities at hand.

A ceramic coating fitted outdoors, on your driveway or under a gazebo is never going to perform as promised.

The coating requires the correct ambient temperature to allow the application process to work seamlessly and correctly cure.

The many preparation stages required must be completed in a dry and dustless environment to ensure proper removal of any contamination and defects.


Have your car coated as soon as possible after purchasing from the dealership, as you’ll require less paint correction or prep work – which can save you money and time.

DetailedSussex Mini

Protect Your Investment

With all that said, some dealerships have fantastic guys, or teams of guys who are highly professional. If you are offered a ceramic coating at a dealership, we recommend that you ask to see their detailing bay and to meet the detailer.


Ceramic coatings are a great way to protect your new investment and so it's important to be sure about both the product and the skilled application.

Ceramic Pro Certified Installer

We offer only the absolute BEST Ceramic Protection Products installed by professional fully certified and insured Ceramic Coating Specialist in our Eastbourne Detailing Studio.

The professional line of Ceramic Pro coatings we use are only available to Ceramic Pro Certified Installers and the Ceramic Pro ION range can only be offered by an Elite Certified Ceramic Pro Dealer like Detailed Ltd.

DetailedSussex Renault Megan Sport Ceramic Pro ION


If you have a matte finish or custom paint job applied by the factory, always consider your paint protection options.


With a matte finish, you’ll want to use a professional-grade nanoceramic coating, a high quality PPF, or a combination of both.


If rocks or road debris cause minor scratches on a matte finish, you’re pretty much stuck with them.


We can collect your car from Eastbourne and Surrounding Areas near the area’s of Bexhill, Brighton, Eastbourne, Polegate and Uckfield and return it looking better than new.

Ceramic Pro Eastbourne will give your car extreme depth and gloss to your paintwork while making the surface extremely easy to maintain. Ceramic Pro Products are UV, chemical and abrasion resistant.


The professional line of Ceramic Pro coatings is not only meant to protect cars, yachts, boats, and homes, it is also perfect for protection of airplanes and helicopters.


The coatings will help to protect air vessels from corrosion, icing and help to save on maintenance costs.

Contact us to find out more.


Ceramic Pro – a series of products for the automotive, air and marine markets suited for surfaces such as paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic and rubber. 

Detailed Ltd have the solution to protect every surface of your vehicle

  • Ceramic Pro 9H

  • Wheel & Caliper Protection

  • Glass Ceramic Protection

  • Leather & Textile Nano Ceramic

Ceramic Pro Eastbourne Ceramic Protection
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