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Detailed offer the Best Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing Services in Eastbourne and Surrounding Areas. Boasting our fully insured custom built detailing studio for high end detailing services including Ceramic Paint Protection & Paint Corrections. And mobile valeting vans that come to you!

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From our Interior Valet after a spill, to full paint correction and professional Ceramic protection.

DetailedSussex Detailing Valeting and Ceramic Pro Protection Services


We offer only the absolute BEST Ceramic Protection Products installed by professional fully certified and insured Ceramic Coating Specialist in our Eastbourne Detailing Studio.

Ceramic Pro Eastbourne will give your car, boat or aircraft extreme depth and gloss to your paintwork while making the surface extremely easy to maintain. Ceramic Pro Products are UV, chemical and abrasion resistant.

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We have solutions to protect any surface whether Paint, Plastic, Leather, Glass, Rubber, Perspex......

Automotive - Aviation - Marine

Interior, Exterior, Wheels, Glass we can help protect your investment from wear and tear, UV damage, Chemical Resistance Corrosion and  Oxidation.

Giving you Permanent Protection, Self Cleaning capabilities and Extreme Gloss to your Paintwork.

We Come To You

The mobile service is self-sufficient with its own water and power supply covering Eastbourne and surrounding areas, providing a convenient, hassle free and thorough service at your home or work. If there’s a bad weather forecast for your particular day (provided that there isn’t excessive wind) We’ll bring a 3 meter by 4.5 meter gazebo to offer shelter from the elements, to ensure that your vehicle is professionally valeted.

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Detailed Ltd Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS Paint Correction

Paint Correction Specialist

Paint Correction & Machine Polishing

In the detailing world, the ability to perform flawless paint correction is what separates the amateurs from Detailed.

Removing defects such as -

swirls, holograms, etching, random isolated deep scratches (RIDS), watermarks, stains, oxidation and more. 


Headlight Restoration

If your headlights have started to haze over or become yellowish, then its clear the oxidation process has begun.

Not only can Detailed correct Misty, Cloudy, Discoloured, Foggy, Scratched or Stone Chipped headlights, but we add a strong Ceramic UV protective coating to keep them looking new for years to come.

Fully Certified Ceramic Pro Installation Centre

Automotive - Aviation - Marine

A ceramic coating will provide that extra gloss look, while also providing superior protection from the harsh elements found in the air and on the ground. The value comes from the ease of on-going maintenance and the increased value to your vehicle.

Detailed Ltd Paint Protection

Paintwork Protection

Detailed Ltd Wheel and Caliper Protection

Wheel & Caliper Protection

Detailed Ltd Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Detailed Ltd Glass Protection

Glass Protection


From Valeting to Detailing and so much more...

  • Caliper Painting

  • Decal and Signage Removal

  • Lease Fleet Return Service

  • Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

  • Paintless Dent Removal

Caliper Painting

With an great range of colours and decals

Are you searching for an experienced and highly knowledgeable brake caliper painting service provider to make your car look incredible? We have got the solution for you.

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